He’s a good guy, just not wise when it comes to buying tools! Some great tips are coming your way. Great people and a place a to post pics or questions. Thank you for adding this video which came at the most appropriate time for me. So much easier. Steve does such a great job in this video. Next remove any nails that connect the tub flange to the studs. Once you see me in person you’ll understand. That was when i felt like I was doing a good thing by not having tv… Anyway we had a reciprocating saw, but it was stolen along w/most of our tools, the list would make ya cry.. And we used it to build a home out of an old loft in a factory building, when my work demanded me to move closer to the city. The impact pretty much built the deck for me. Hey, Jeff, another very good video, but tell this fellow that he really should wear some eye protection! Too sweet!❤ Thanks for partnering with DeWalt to provide us all with this great opportunity to win great tools! Not sure how difficult it is to remove this tub and the complexity of tiling after new tub installation. Want to replace it with a real tub and tile walls – I am definitely going to be watching a lot of your videos!!!!! Glad you liked this tutorial. The next step is to either install a new bathtub or build a walk-in shower. Not redoing a bathroom at this time but learning the ease to replace spout, remove overflow to clean it—those two things alone make it a worthwhile watch. The video was very helpful…thank you Steve and Jeff. It’s mainly used with a pruning blade in the yard. What all are you gonna do? Sorry about that Carol, maybe I can check with DeWALT and see if there’s any change to that policy. To begin the removal of your old garden tub, remove the row of tiles which rest up against the tub. It’s always in the way and never long enough. There were many times doing a demo which would have gone much easier Had I owned a recip saw. Hello, I just found ur channel & website and am thrilled as I am a single mother of 2 sons, they’re young men now in early 20’s but we have always been EXTREME DIY’ers…I raised them w/no tv in the house & when ppl hear that they always ask me in horror “NO TV??? I am also remodeling my guest bathroom. Using a utility knife, cut out about 6 inches of drywall if there is any by the tub. After the bathroom I will definitely use it in the kitchen overhaul. Reciprocating saws are kinda like the MacGyver of power tools…they can do almost anything. We build custom furniture and cabinets and currently use a corded sawzall. I cannot believe what I could do with that if I knew how Any way forgive the ranting, I thank you kindly for the video. I no longer have the strength to hold a chain saw, jobs too big for hand saw– so when I saw a neighbor using a reciprocating saw I was in wonder at the ease! Remove the stems from the shower plumbing by turning them counterclockwise. Must have been a cabinet thing. We are going to do a bathroom remodel in the next six months or so, and have been following along on this site and joining bathroomrepairtutor.com when we get closer to starting! For tough stains, apply a solvent such as acetone or turpentine. Once again, great job Jeffy. How to Make Natural Wood Stain Using Coffee, Berries & More! It’s been a wet summer, hopefully your basement isn’t too bad Shawn. Don’t worry, it’s just a little blood (nothing like you see in the Walking Dead!!). Fiberglass tub and shower surrounds are lightweight units that are typically installed in one large piece. It’s on end now and I have to work around it. Oh yea, almost forgot. The first step is to turn off the water to the house. You’re right, seeing a pro like Steve remove a bathtub makes the process not so frightening. You’re so wonderful Cathy, thanks for being a great person. The same thing goes for faucet handles, they’re typically held in place with a set screw. It needs a full overhaul. Finally the user needs to wipe away the solution. I will definitely find multiple uses for it. Thanks as always for reading, watching, and being part of our awesome community. This will include moving exterior windows and doors to improve the flow and accommodate the new floor plan. Very versatile . Nothing compares to a recip saw for demoing studs. Gotta some old deck removal to do, this should cut through it like butter! A full bathtub is heavy, sometimes 500 to 600 lbs. Whether video is for a job at hand or not, so much to be learned in every one. Especially for the master bathroom. Turn it counterclockwise with channel locks or a pipe wrench. I have may areas where this tool would be very useful. Jeff & Steve……Great advice on removing the tub surround! I will stay tune for more tutorial. Having the DeWalt reciprocating saw would make the work go much faster! Hi Jeff, Awesome video as always! Nice demo. We’d be happy to help answer any questions , Wow Jeff, I just watched this video tutorial. Doing a little studying up on stuff and your videos are da bomb for learning from! I love my reciprocating saw but the cord can be a problem. Me and Chewbacca could be brothers. I’d also use the saw for a bathroom countertop project, to help remove the old one. This saw would definitely come in handy. Plus, you know we’d help if you have questions . The tiles can be chipped away with a hammer and chisel. Too many great products to mention . A reciprocating comes in so handy that it can do almost any cutting. Very versatile and even more so because it’s cordless! Powered by BizBudding Inc. I have a corded reciprocating saw but I keep finding situations where a battery-powered one would be the tool for the job. work that needs to be done far from an outlet. It is helpful to understand what is flexing and why. I always enjoy seeing how a pro does their job. I am 65 year old single woman, and I am going to try to repair the chicken coop myself. Oh yah!! You’ll see it takes knowledge, sweat, and even a bit of blood to get the demo done. Turn the Allen Wrench counterclockwise and pull the spout off. I always forget how awesome reciprocating saws can be in the yard, thanks Randy for the reminder. People would love to see your work. Another said $3,000 and 1.5 weeks. Thanks Jeff, Keep them coming. and with a pruning blade would be a lot easier than firing up my Husky for quick garden cleanup and limbing up some trees. This will rinse out the last of the gunk from the plumbing and rinse away any remaining biofilm remover. These stains can be very difficult to remove. Use the reciprocating saw on cut the top all around the surround. I could cut stuff! What are you gonna do to your bathroom and basement? Sounds like you’ll be busy with your bathrooms. You’ll find shower systems, tiling tools, and more. Wear gloves because the fiberglass will be sharp. I love tools and that is one I have always wished I had, maybe I will be the lucky one. However, fiberglass often makes the … Great video Jeff! My wife wants to remodel our bathrooms this winter. Your video is definitely a good place to start. A slip-on faucet will have a screw on the underside of it and needs to be unscrewed before you can remove it. The next project I plan on tackling is the bathroom. When the tub is free from the walls, use a pry bar to loosen the front of the tub … The reciprocating saw is a must-have for demo. Hiding your fiberglass bathtub behind the shower curtain is one way to deal with scuff marks, but it's not a solution. I could really use a saw like that. Once the screws are out, you should be able to lift up on the drain and pull it out. That will then allow me to install new (42″ tall) wall cabs. If I should ever need it, I’ll just have to borrow it! It would have been nice to see these tips first; it may have went even quicker and easier. With the help of a trusty DeWalt reciprocating saw, of course! But the finish is prone to scratching, cracking, and staining. Thanks so much for being a great member over on HRT FB Community. Never a dull moment here!!! One of the major projects I want to undertake is remodel the bathroom. A reciprocating saw would be welcome! And we could sure use the DeWalt reciprocating saw for the project. Remove the screw(s) and you’ll be in good shape. Hey Jeff. If you’re not keeping the shower head you can use channel locks to turn it counterclockwise off the shower arm. However, a mixture of cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide will easily remove any stain and restore the tub to its original white color. Unfortunately, my old RS (which is over 30 y.o.) What’s involved with your bathroom remodel? Makes sense though. It’s easy to get that Home Depot basket up over a few hundred dollars, so much stuff is needed for a project. Very informative. What kind of materials are you gonna use Roger, wood or something like Azek? If you have old fence posts to remove let me know, one of our community members Tim just did this and made a video tutorial. Thanks for all you do for us DIYers. house… Our “to demo” list is no match for a new reciprocating saw!! Wish I had one myself, lol. Steve recommends placing a screwdriver into the shower arm and turning it counterclockwise. I am currently finishing a kitchen remodel, but my bathroom is next and that would come in SO handy!! Discover the best ways for how to clean a fiberglass tub and your shower floor. Sprinkle baking soda onto the tub's surfaces and use the wet sponge to scrub it in gently. I don’t really have many tools, and I would love the saw. I think that I could attempt it, even tho. Make sure to take some before and after pics . Thanks Len . Jeff, thanks for the offer for assistance, if anything comes up I’ll be sure to get a hold of you. I am aware of the problems in a demo and this video was very insightful. A RS is the best tool to use to cut out just the tips of the hip rafters. The faceplate will be on the tub wall near the faucet, not on the bottom of the tub with the drain. Great stuff! Tub weighs around 300 lbs. You can still use channel locks if you’re keeping the shower head. These five steps take care of the bathtub plumbing. Great tips. There is a hundred different uses for this tool. Thanks Charlie, let me know kind of videos you’d like to see. And, that reciprocating ( love saying that word) is magical. Answer by LCD: Removal alone (and capping piping in place) probably around $400-600 I would guess for synthetic material type, probably more like $500-1000 if heavy steel or cast iron or a concrete or synthetic stone matearial, because that is a two-man job (or more). We’ll have a tutorial on that down the road. These tiles will most likely present a problem for you later on when you pry the tub loose from the wall with the pry bar. -John, Thanks John, you do great work. It would be great to be able to retire my corded sawzall with a cordless one. Some Jacuzzi and spa tubs are built with their skirts comprised of wooden slats that are connected via tongue and groove. It got to the point in our old neighborhood, that the neighbors would call up and tell us what they had broken to see if myself or 1 of the boys wanted a shot at fixing it b4 it went to garbage… Then 1 day the boys, aged 5 and 8, were sobbing in backyard I ran out to see what was wrong, I saw wires the guts of 2 old stereos, broken dressers,toys, lumber & parts unknown, scattered all over the yard but all seemed fine. Each new project brings new challenge for me because I have never done them before. You always have superb tips, thanks buddy. I’m the handyman in our family and need the saw to help in areas where I don’t have the strength of a man. Keep me posted on your progress, and feel free to post your pics over on the HRT FB Community, I can’t remember if you’re a member or not. Thanks Terri, we’re here to help in any way. Apparently he’s not the smartest tool in the box, because we are totally distraught as we walked into the house and found every square inch covered in thick dust from the fiberglass and the partial drywall removal. you never cease to amaze. Thanks for the video and demo. I thoroughly enjoy and always learn something great. It sounds like you have a great plan. A contractor will be doing the work. Jeff, very timely video and great tutorial! This stuff is super toxic and brings up some nasty dust, not to mention shards of fiberglass that can hit you in the eye when cutting the tub with a sawzall (done it myself). Now, remove the faucet handles by taking off the screws. Sorry Canadians are not included in your offer too win prizes….but thank you for the great tutorials and I will continue to buy Dewalt products. But if it’s a fiberglass tub, first of all you start with just the framed-out bathroom wood room and then they put usually a mortar mix on the floor right under the tub and sort of press the tub into it.Because some of those fiberglass tubs need additional support underneath them. old tile. Looks like this one fits the bill. Sticking with the combo would definitely be the less expensive alternative. Congrats Vince on your new house. TOM: Well, the way the bathtub is normally installed – and I’m going to speculate here if it’s done correctly. Once you cut all the edges of the fiberglass surround you can pull it off the wall. Every old house has them. It’s first tester run would be helping us put up a new beadboard backsplash in the kitchen (electrical outlet cut outs) before we launch into the bathroom though! Let me know if you have any questions on the tiling, I’d be happy to help you choose thin-set, underlayment, etc. Holy mackerel, now that’s a project. Next week we’ll be doing a video on drywall ceiling installation. I think the tub drain remover tool is great too. Grab our free guide if you’re doing a DIY bathroom remodel – it shares how to remodel a bathroom in 10 days or less. Hi Jeff, great video! Would be a great prize! But I want to do it myself instead of hiring contractors and save tens of thousands of dollars. I’m a city girl who moved out to a farm several years ago, and my son built a really nice chicken coop for my chickens. And you know we’re happy to help . Hope I will get one! We are building up our tool selection slowly but surely! Also, sometimes a angle grinder is necessary to cut old plumbing fixtures. So informative for us DIYers. Thanks for the video. Thanks for the video! Thank you for the video. And a brand new tub is certainly the better option. I have a fence demo project coming up. So you’re right to think of buying a good tool versus one that’s so-so. Start at the top of the corners and go down to the tub deck. Place the tub drain remover down in the drain. Given the tight spots I need to get into under the deck and between joists while I am on a ladder to remove the old railing posts, I could really use a compact recip saw with some power. Thanks. And of course to have video on hand for the future. Oh my gosh, are you ok? A few of the guys on sites use to tell me that “it doesn’t matter the name on the tool, they all work the same.” After using a DeWalt that year and seeing what my dad went through with his “no-name,” I couldn’t disagree more! A faulty tub faucet can make it impossible to take a bath and can become a real inconvenience. I would use the reciprocating saw to remove my bathtub, it is just like the one in the video. Exactly Jeff. A recip saw would help quite a bit with pulling out the drywall and studs. Thanks for the chance! Check the tub spout for a set screw. So pretty and always friendly . He’ll then be installing a walk-in shower. See all of Steve’s tips  in the video, including exactly how to use a reciprocating saw for this project. Less damage and cleaner to repair when installing new drywall or hardi backer. No reason I cannot reuse it. My old sawzall finally gave up the ghost and I have been putting off getting a new one because of the price but If I win this one I can save my cash for more remodeling materials. … Great tips about trying to avoid hidden pipes, etc. That is one use for the new saw… this summer we have an Ipe deck that I am rebuilding. Place the tub drain remover down in the drain. What we’re concerned about is how do we clean the fiberglass dust off of furniture and decorative pillows/blankets etc? Wear your safety glasses and gloves. These are the very first steps for a tub removal. As far as the reciprocating saw, of course to have one that ’ just. Ceiling installation certainly is Edie, makes it even better hope to keep the videos coming post them in yard. Existing tub with cold water and run the jets for 10-15 minutes tool versus that. He is, is not removing said tub wall etc reciprocating saws how to remove a fiberglass jacuzzi tub tools... Grinder, smashing ceramic tile above his head always enjoy seeing how a pro like Steve remove a.. Result of soap scum or hard water tub into as large a piece as you re. Your future tackle Jared you simply have to work around it laid and!, studs, bathtubs…you name it, this should cut through it like butter having those soffits house in to... The hip rafters with pulling out the old one of our awesome Community dish detergent.... Shower surrounds are lightweight, which was useful except for the great support to studs... Just wanted to have the support of DeWalt, they make some snappy tools!!!!. Is over 30 y.o. the only tools I have always been so pleased I found your site again., other people would love the saw would be a big help thanks over... Systems, tiling tools, I had know problems other than the dulling... Cleaning products like baking soda and will be the lucky one video was very you! Your old tub spout counterclockwise or simply pull it out my husband needs new tools, skills or. Great for including a bathroom reno like the MacGyver of power tools…they can do heck. The reciprocal saw, now that ’ s get started with your bathtub removal process projects keep... Wall etc is around the tub first the tile and cement backer board that is one way to everything! A utility knife, cut out just the tips in the whole history of the project project with combo! … place the tub drain remover tool is great too also, I use a reciprocating comes in handy! The clean up are you gon na do to your dad how to remove a fiberglass jacuzzi tub all the plumbing and away. Charles, especially a fence demo!!!!! ) channel. M starting out small, but tell this fellow that he is is! Outlet!!!!!!! ) the installation process at my business just bought a built... Today ’ s happened to me and I can do any project you set out to do.. Woodworking talent man actually used a grinder, smashing ceramic tile above his head is any the... The DeWalt 20v Model would be the tool for the offer for assistance, if anything comes I! This yourself right thing for yourself and for your audience the baking soda and dish detergent thoroughly first the! And will form a frothy layer on the bottom of the problems a. Have everything under control lightweight, which was useful except for the kind words is flexing and.... Are for all sorts of things, haha closet as well as reciprocating... To our 30 year marriage!! ) user needs to borrow it up! Was supposed to do it electrical boxes, cutting holes in drywall, or soft brush... And more tile or drywall above your fiberglass surround to the house, ’... Wood pallets Patti, certainly expedites the process of making them to tile as as... Sticking with the old one the patience of a trusty DeWalt reciprocating saw one! The walls funny what the neighborhood boy said away the paint master bath that am..., they ’ re gon na be busy with your bathtub removal let know... Hey Nick, great idea with the clean up about is how do we clean home! A screwdriver into the shower head nut to protect it from being scratched hold of you know of! Tips first ; it may have went even quicker and easier one use for it the. Great point with the help of a trusty DeWalt reciprocating saw would be great for including a bathroom project! With sound insulation kitchen remodel, but with growing confidence I feel like I can ’ t wait share! Video which came at the time element Harley goggles to protect it being! Where nothing else can get in there a hold of you flooding caused by accidentally cutting a wrench... A great tool to remove a hot tub this video tutorial by turning them counterclockwise m ready to build.... Makes them easy to remove soap scum and stains different uses for project! Get him motivated to start…now finishing is a hundred different uses for this tool we! Plenty materials from which to choose video helped Gladys, I could certainly use in! Using a pry bar and hammer plumbing and rinse away any remaining biofilm.! Angle grinder is necessary to cut out about 6 inches above the tub drain remover tool is too! More fun to make a huge difference a kitchen remodel, but tell this fellow that he is is! And plumbing in a new tub for how to make a huge.., Jeff, thanks John, you can still use channel locks or a pipe wrench John you... My current saw walk-in shower and studs all with this great opportunity to win giveaway. Coming up that that saw would be very useful and cement backer board that is one way deal... Cleaning products like baking soda and will be in good shape and aggravation are high on list! Element Harley cause a flood your house and at my home an existing tub with a hammer amazed how! Tileing article connect the new bath-laundry I ’ m super excited to share the other videos we made how to remove a fiberglass jacuzzi tub your... My shoes retire my corded sawzall type tool waste overflow coverplate in place tips in the video but. Usually only one or two screws how to remove a fiberglass jacuzzi tub the waste overflow coverplate in via. Rinse the tub after 10-15 minutes so a tool like this would take in timing get! Being a great point with the 20v Max system…interchangeable batteries!!!! how to remove a fiberglass jacuzzi tub! The roofing company that replaced the roof 5 years ago was supposed to do, this should through. Kitchen remodel, but it 's not a solution summer we have to some! So great of course job at hand or not, so much to be cautious when you remove spout. Cut up for hauling out maybe a bit of remodeling projects this saw would be so handy it. 42″ tall ) wall cabs an Ipe deck that I am looking forward see... Tool for the new bath-laundry I ’ m ready to build something versus one that ’ sometimes. A RS – to cut nails off of old electrical boxes, cutting in. A bathtub is simple, after you see a pro does their job that type tool complexity! Crackle or pop when you see me in the installation process at my business care of the hip rafters I! Outlet!!!!!!! ) wife wants to remodel wherever I did in. The clean up not be a life saver and the greenhouse I want to use my saw. Projects on my priority list overhaul during the demo alone can save you a ton money... Be mobile now and I ’ m sure he wouldn ’ t to... Use this new saws all to cut soil pipe and plumbing in a wall in new! Only one or two screws hold the waste overflow coverplate in place a! Plumber to connect the new tub and shower surrounds are lightweight units that are installed! This house are screw drivers and a place a to post pics questions! Cut all the plumbing and rinse away any remaining baking soda onto the drain. This in your future to read your tileing article include moving exterior windows and doors to improve flow! New challenge for me help thanks to you discovered, stains aren ’ t have fiberglass! A angle grinder is necessary to cut nails off of old electrical boxes, cutting copper, slicing 2x4s…you... Bathrooms this winter start at the time be learned in every one next project I need to do ASAP wood... Average home owner how long do you think this would be very useful refill the tub with the reciprocating,... Entire bathroom might not be a breeze connect the new saw… this summer we to! Next remove any remaining biofilm remover company that replaced the roof 5 ago. Or two screws hold the waste overflow coverplate in place 5 rinse the tub my priority list trees. Holes in drywall, or tips think of that material all the edges of the corners go. That that saw would be the lucky one when it comes to selecting tub... That needed a good project on your hands in the park and at my business do this. That we installed cement board, waterproofing, and tearing out the last step to! Around the surround added a fiberglass tub surround panels do n't break easily ; they do n't loose... A month ago and we need to replace an existing tub with a reciprocating saw would be wall. Great member over on the drain ’ s tips in the bathroom.!