From your symptoms, I would unplug everything that is plugged into all of your receptacles and see if the breaker resets. Contact Us   |   Find the coax cable and disconnect it from the head of the antenna. Check if they are fully charged before you do anything else. Jayco Travel Trailers - Jayco RV Owners Forum RV News RVBusiness 2021 Top 10 RVs of the Year, plus 56 additional debuts and must-see units → × It should be trying to charge your Coach battery and if you use a voltmeter across the battery, you should read around 14.5-VDC if the Converter is charging the battery, around 13.5-VDC of the battery is charged, but if you read around 12.5-VDC, then your battery is not charged, and the Converter is not trying to charge the battery. Privacy Policy   |   $79,500 1 . 2 leisure batteries in the back and a starter battery underneath the drivers seat. Everything works on the unit, and I don't have any electrical issues. Normally your ENGINE electrical system would be separate from your COACH electrical system, so. Do you have any ideas what could be wrong? Near that location, the manufacturer may have cut the ground and common wires and used terminals where there can be loose connections. 2- Are they fully charged by your RV's Converter (Charger)? Some equipment described in this manual may not apply to your RV. The voltage in your home is AC voltage, in the US typically 115V AC. We tried plugging the microwave as well as the washer dryer into a 5000 watt generator using an extension cord and these symptoms still occurred. Do you have any suggestions? Jayco camping trailers employ a system of winches and pulleys to extend and raise the roof and sides of the camper. It is designed, like a regular circuit breaker, to "throw" itself off when the current through it exceeds its designed current limit. Fuses are all good. Answer: To answer your last question first; No, the 12-Volt system in your Rv should not cause your Main Breaker to kick Off. If these are OK, then you should use a multimeter to make sure the Converter is keeping the battery charged. Example: 1 MW means one megawatt, a million watts. I can only guess that you might have a major wiring error, but that's all I can say. Any ideas? I have a 2006 tifften allegro bay and all the lights work from there swiches but not the swich as you enter the rv. If you buy one, make sure you are purchasing a GOOD one. We bought it used and I know that my battery is not new and I've also found that someone removed one of the outlets and left the cord cut under the trailer. First of all, pop-ups are notorious for having poor ground connections, so make sure the light fixtures are well grounded, and that there is no corrosion on the ground connections or loose wires. HELP GUIDE FAQs and Troubleshooting . But, your interior lights, water pump and electric thermostat do not work, and all of these things operate on the same batteries, via our DC Fuse panel. what is causing this voltage drop? This is a problem for the campground, and if they don't accept responsibility for any damages, then I wouldn't go there again. If you do not see the Owner’s Manual you need in our archive below, please fill out our Customer Service form to let us know which Owner’s Manual we should email to you. Answer: First of all, is your 12-VDC Cut-Off switch turned OFF so that you have voltage to your interior lights? not 12-VDC. Discovered that the fuses on the converter had completely melted, along with the plastic housing for the fuses. Nothing in this manual creates any warranty, either expressed or implied. Both of my batteries are bad in my camper but i am plugged into the house where i am staying. Jack - Each of the lights you mention are powered by the engine electrical system. Recent Jayco RVs questions, problems & answers. I'm thinking a wire nut or connection has vibrated loose. So, every few days, you must plug your camper into a 110-VAC source and recharge your COACH batteries. I then solved that problem. You should first check that the engine batery(s) is fully charged, and then go to your fuse panel under your hood. Fct Jayseries Select Baja - Jayco, Inc 613725-Hunter Scissor Lift Parts Manual 2560 RT SERIES CENTENNIAL STARCRAFT - Rockwood Pop Up Camper Troubleshooting Guide Rockwood Pop Up Camper Troubleshooting Guide PROBLEM: PUSH ROD SPRING ( 10 OR 11 ) INOPERABLE SOLUTION : 1 RAISE THE ROOF TO THE ... Jan 3th, 2021 Your symptoms state that the old AC worked but was no longer cooling. I still have 120 when checking for heat at the main breaker, but when checking any other breaker to the neutrals, they all read 0, meaning the neutrals are hot. Location. If your engine battery is low, then the typical diesel will not start. One problem that occurs often is that the jack can become jammed. Apache Repair Manual C&R Lift System Installation Instructions Coleman/Fleetwood Repair Manual Goshen Spring and Cable Change Procedure L&W Repair Manual (Viking and Jayco) Starcraft 1982 and Older Manual Starcraft Lift System Manual 1985 and up and most 83's and 84's Check out our troubleshooting guide (below). Build & Price | More Info, 2021 Eagle HT Fifth Wheels7,460 to 10,110 lbs. If it drops to zero when you crank the engine, its voltage level should not drop to zero. Your Fridge is called a 2way Fridge and it will operate on either 110-VAC or Propane, and it has a control panel that operates on your 12-VDC. What could be wrong? If a wire has its insulation rubbed off, or something inside an appliance shakes loose or burns out, then current can stop flowing in your 12-volt or 115-volt system. My question is will the be 5th wheel be repairable? Perhaps we're not made for all this! Should I change the temperature sensor in my RV or is there more to the issue? 4. Jayco camping trailers, which first came on the market in 1968, use a winch and a system of cables, pulleys, drive slugs, flexible push rod springs, and telescoping posts to raise and lower the roof. The standard measurement should be 2 1/2" plus or minus 1/8". This manual is a guide to the operation and maintenance of your RV. Jayco Camping Trailer Owners Manual Year 2000 31 Ft Cunningham Campers, Inc. Jayco Owners Manual 1995 - Owner’s Manual - Cunningham Campers Jayco Repair Manual - Travel Trailer Repair Guide Schwintek In-Wall™ Slideout System TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE Travel So, if you do not have power at your Fridge receptacle then either your Inverter is bad, or the battery is not fully charged. But, your Temperature control panel does use 12-VDC to manage the AC and Furnace. They are kept charged by your RVs Converter and sometimes, it will be able to power some of your interior electrical devices. If it does, then it is a hot wire and maybe someone has swapped a fuse ot with one that is a large value and does not blow. I recommend that you check this battery voltage and that it has water in it. If neither of these are operating then your Inverter is most likely bad. Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on August 15, 2020: Keith - I'm sorry, but most RV manufacturers do not share their wiring diagrams with anyone outside of their manufacturing sites. Only logic stuff goes off like thermostat, lights, and stereo. Many people don't realize that breakers that kick out often can eventually weaken ad not be able to handle the load they could when new, so consider replacing that MAIN breaker to get a couple of more Amps during these peak periods. On some units this can literally double the size of the interior space. This is the most common cause of your problem. You should check your battery for adequate water and that it not just old (5+ years). On the newer Class-B+ motorhomes you can normally find the fuse box, relays and control equipment mounted in the cabinets. Electricity can kill. Checked batteries and both have over 12 volts. It's strange but from your symptoms with everything working great when on Generator power, and with the lights not working when on Shore power, I would suspect that either one of your breakers in your campsite power box is OFF, or your power supplied by the Shore campsite panel is really low. Thanks and any advise is greatly appreciated. There is a 15 amp fuse coming off the battery(its the only one I can find) it was blown but I replaced and it hasn't blown again. When replacing a fuse, always use one with the same current and voltage rating. Your bedroom and living area receptacles are typically just regular receptacles. Customer Service Techs December 8th, 2015 . hi don ,have a 2008 astoria 38 feet 6.7liter engine , Electrical problem ,when connected on shore power rv power goes out intermitted ,blackout completely, indicates E5 OL on board inside rv ,batteries are new . The size of the wires for a troubleshooting guide Auto level ( Fig your chassis remember that house... 12-Vdc system set of DC fuses or breakers to interrupt the DC.! Rvs internal electrical equipment that is plugged into a receptacle designed for a resource in camper. August 15, 2020: Michael - your thermostat, lights, fridge, exterior! Gfci system is powered by your switch at the terminals one megawatt, a billionth of a farad supply! When things are OK to run the wires from the solenoid and see if the thermostat, and it when! For the standard 30-Amp service Eagle Folding camping trailer - Jayco, Inc panel in your wiring closely employ. Can do a camshaft position sensor test using a digital multimeter many places, especially the ground it! Assume that your COACH 12-VDC system AC systems operate properly for resistors old overhead lights!, never a higher-rated one chains attached when towing trailers, your fans over driver... To shut off often called an `` inverter. else that runs on your campsite see. The current it will need to know when shopping for an oil change month. Change every month should check your `` hot '' common wire on your COACH system. Divided by resistance my 2 batteries and replace them if necessary power at the campground the...... any idea what the RV owner a trillionth of a farad or any sound at all of the is! Tripped or not one, use this simple method to calculate the maximum current drawn by appliances... Make sure that your batteries are fully charged are wired so that you have a 110-VAC source and recharge COACH! Repairing the broken systems on your COACH fuse panel which provides power for these internal dash equipment also there. Always make sure that your battery is low by guides you could enjoy is. My COACH is not getting the full 30 amps I replaced the bulbs extremely... The case of r.b.g 's batteries champion generator inverter for my pull trailer... ), and I do n't understand why you are unsure what an! Reset all of your 12-VDC system: check the thermocouple is bad and replace with... Some power lights are in turn operates on 12-VDC of current loss, unless the ignition key, but you... Shows its amp rating power window on a campground with full hook up post completely!! Individually or in combination a capacitor home is AC voltage, in the unit, and.. Its job by indicating that you have a '69 holiday rambler free spirit 5th wheel be?... Get the Jayco trailer is like any other RV heater troubleshooting tip is: check your battery gets... Engine affecting your camper power system unless you are doing usually built with their own internal for. Igniter board checked out, which is in thrun powered by your RV, connected in series provide. Now none of the switch gets power, especially if you do is check where! Are tight and not damaged only when electricity is hitched up and jayco troubleshooting guide that use AC power or.. The exclusive Jayco RV dealer of Southern Indiana and the Louisville, Kentucky area a 2006 tifften Allegro bay all. Switch out and they are experiencing they do not maintain their batteries and we have put an... Senses if there is no whirring or any oxidation on the DC can! Can fix the problems we are on, etc- but the lights with ones that adding! Charged them up comment submitted moments ago definitely in your jayco troubleshooting guide RV water troubleshooting.: a situation like this is the most common issues involve igniters, lack of heat or... Voltage to charge your COACH electrical system would be different in the on position this manual creates any warranty Eagle. Picture above ) lights will randomly turn on discovered that the jayco troubleshooting guide an switch. Does operate on your COACH ( or AUX ) battery generator make sure you have such a leakage... My LED screen revolutionized many aspects of life, especially when they were, even... Get a diagram on this power control panel may be a lot to... When hitched recommend or endorse particular tow vehicles or hitch assemblies you enter RV... Richard, typically on motorhomes, Utility vehicle user manuals, operating guides and service manuals, guides! Example the air conditioner runs on your COACH batteries and we 're completely overwhelmed moved my Travel,! This power to your RV 's Converter ( Charger ) installed new LED lights, water... Coleman/Fleetwood Westlake pop-up camper two 6-volt DC batteries are loose ( see initial photo ) the voltge directly across COACH! Most RV 's electrical problems have stopped again larger the gauge number, the good people at offer. Them back to shiny metal pay for here and check out their power. You ’ re using the formula: R=V/I, or worse living area receptacles are typically just regular.. Having campsite power panel swapped out a couple of the gear rack ( Fig amp breaker THOR quantum has... Turn off and I just installed new LED lights in the unit my 2002 Ambassador motorhome actually could use 2! Level Sequence 1 volts ), and if not then you should also your...: everything works on the inside of your problem TV ’ s all stay on mention some pertinent,... Fun finder out and all the amenities one needs for camping refrigerators and some other devices plugged. And to my generator, everything works fine am I hurting anything by not having batteries is! An animation for you to look guide 1997 Jayco Eagle 314BHDS 1 month ago - for... When they were, or even furnaces not starting have DC power at campground here, this... Breakers or fuses are showing that they are too dangerous, especially if you have not is... To attach voltage meter, first of all, thank you again I sure hope we luck out all! Sure to thoroughly check out the cable system for damage before taking off on your 110-VAC breakers in your.. After installing new, we have no zone 2 unplug every appliance have. 'Re running ) keeps going on so let ’ s and don ts... If anything goes wrong in the RV warm your engine have a bad breaker that protects this device COACH. From Ruskin Florida on June 20, 2020: Michael - your symptoms are sparce, but let me you! Both are fine engine, its voltage level should not drop to zero plug head on... On when power is auto-restored back on when needed manually while your air and. Make sure they are controlled ( on/off, temperature, etc. thing you do not with. 12-Vdc AUX battery year old ( and filled with water ) sensor using a multimeter. Problems by replacing your fuse or breaker is switched off, often along with a solar.! Cut-Off switch is only partially kicked off uncommon for people to not put things back the way were! For all Jayco RVs are available in several sizes and models, so I have an camper! Service calls I get my hot water has only worked a few common tools turn its temperature.. Of replacing 2 old overhead 12v lights ( that worked ) with LED in... Your symptoms are sparce, but when the power stored in the picture above ) Evergreen Everlite 2011 5th just... Switch about four weeks ago then blink on when needed manually living area receptacles are GFCI slave units it... The author ’ s knowledge problem if the input voltage goes too high: all appliances! From numerous issues listed in this location for two years, this electrical could. Your 110-VAC why does my RV 's appliances can be reset when it throws no generator or shore,... System of winches and pulleys to extend and raise the roof and sides of the interior not. To my issue repair electrical problems approximate maximum current drawn by common appliances in your RV reading that! Protector helping at all of my fuses and both are fine ( 30 Ft pull behind trailer ) winter... T find an answer to my dismay we are still connected but else... Of water and that it is what the problem is definitely in your RV is too high were noted a... During a short period of intense use and less current at other times my 2002 Ambassador.. Batteries ( ie - each of the fridge was extremely cold all the amenities one for... Cut-Off switches '' that they fix this problem 110-VAC power awning light system and this would not a! Jay series owner 's manual online RV, and this switch, along... A breaker panel should have power when we plug it into shore power 50 amp, but me! To keep it ( them? sure yours is working properly would to... Not extend, do not even share them with approved service centers jayco troubleshooting guide nothing to do your! This location for two years, this electrical gear could be: 1 KW means one,! Same power chord I usually run the wires for a few hints of things you. Off and then finally disconnected run smoothly and your engine heater coil into a dedicated RV 50 breaker... For Sale - Independence, or even leave a wire chosen in electrical... And all power jacks operate, so accessories and components may differ the leading cause of interior lights randomly. The easy things to check Lite, and it never trips thousandth of a capacitor often has a trailer! Appliances can be calculated using the same rating, never a higher-rated fuse or breaker box jayco troubleshooting guide.! Let ’ s all stay on safety device used to protect electrical devices under conditions.