Some builders also choose to wire their seats with aftermarket automotive-type seat heaters. Their reply to me was that they dont have the capability to do a one-off seat,particularly a vintage one that they have no template for. 3.5 out of 5 stars 38. Either high-density tractor foam or medium-density “rubber” foam can be used for bolsters and lumbar supports. It is listed for '87 CR 250 & 500. 3. I'm going to take my extra seat to my upholstery guy and see if he can build up the height and do a custom cover for it ( just blue like the stock one, just specific to fit the taller seat ) He does lots of crazy high end Harley show bikes in all different cover materials and I've seen lots of his work and it's top notch. Forward thigh supports are sponge-rubber type urethane foam, followed by a final top layer of ½-inch urethane over the whole cushion. It is a suitable substitute for natural rubber, vinyl, neoprene, polyurethane and PVC foams, wood composites, felts, fiberglass, and mineral wool. I found Rubberite Cypress Sponge of Santa Ana, California, to offer excellent full-sheet prices; they are happy to sell to individuals, but their salespeople want a company name, so be prepared to call yourself “Bud’s Aviation Palace” or whatnot. In stock. Id be interested to find someone that could make a new seat foam myself CCT-Foam is a high-quality closed cell foam developed by Brushcom with an unmatched high density of 95 kg / m3. Build your own form fitting seats, hip, and thigh braces from this closed cell foam.. Green plays the biggest role in mitigating G-loads in an impact, while pink conforms most easily to the body and provides comfort. This makes shaping a piece of cake if you have access to a freezer big enough to put your seats into (either that, or do your seats in the winter!). They should also be able to sell you a foam-bonding adhesive. 79 Note that it is less rigid and more cushy than tractor foam, but not as easy to shape. It is the builder’s responsibility to determine the fire-worthiness of any non-aviation-approved foam, adhesives, upholstery, or wiring they might use in DIY seats, especially when seat heaters are used. And he's a super cool guy and gets jobs done promptly too. The phone number I have is (760) 599-0115. Many cruisers can be dramatically improved by installing a high-quality, closed-cell foam configured with a wider more supportive shape, or purchasing an aftermarket seat with these attributes built in. It isn't 100%, but it dries very quickly. For more information about upholstery details, please visit our Upholstery Styling Guide. They have pressure sensitive adhesive on the back for simple peel-and-stick application. £17.88. I called CEET / Hi-Flite and talked to Roy. But beware—not just any foam will do. The closed cell foam does not break down over time and takes fatigue from your muscles by giving more rigidity and evenly dispersing pressure. I wouldnt mind doing a project like that, I just want a good result. Before taking knife to foam, we mark a "level" line on the seats while they are on the motorcycle. It’s admittedly expensive, but for the safety of my spine, I don’t mind paying a premium for CONFOR foam. Be careful—band saws and die-grinder attachments can both suddenly grab at the foam if you are not careful. It has a bouncy, pleasant sponginess that is OK as a veneer layer, or for bolsters and lumbar support, but it should not be used as the primary cushion itself (see sidebar “Safe Seat Science”). If canopy clearance is an issue, and you want the thinnest seat/cushion possible, consider one inch of green as an absolute minimum—it won’t be particularly comfortable, but it’s better than nothing. I was think of shaping the dense foam with the debonded foam and the other softer foam with the lux-regular (or something of that sort). A typical layup schedule is one to two inches of green on the bottom of the seat, followed by one to two inches of blue, and finally, one to two inches of pink on top. Evo mx in the uk have high vintage seat foams.see there website. GST. I appreciate it and will highly recommend you to anyone looking for some good foam!" This is reflected in FAR23.562, which describes the requirements for aircraft seat crashworthiness and uses 19G as the maximum survivable downward acceleration. I have talked to CEET in the past and was told if they ever made seat foam for a particular bike, they still had the mold and could make another. I bought a sheet and glued several layers together to make a full foam for my lightweight CR125 project. US $20.00. The illustration on the right shows how we define the various upholstery components. Replace it with a sturdy base layer of dense closed-cell foam and a top layer of softer polyurethane (open-cell) foam. Due to my height (6 feet 2 inches) and the rather small size of the RV-4 cockpit, I flew for a few months before I finally had a foam schedule that felt right. Cut a chamfered bit of 3/4" foam to put inside the airhawk cover under the airhawk *minimally inflated*. As hard as it is to believe, the wrong kind of seat can actually be worse than no seat at all. Neoprene and polyethylene foams are used for camping ground pads, flotation devices, etc. Foam-compatible spray adhesive, as well as brushable Pliobond for touchups. had to is cover it with spray contact Materials are resting on a sheet of 3mm birch ply used as a backing frame. Seat cover replacements, all seat requirments also motorcycle seat restoration service. Honda SL350K1 SL350 K1 Motorcycle Seat Cover and Foam Kit #3210 . it's an "open-cell" type that when exposed to water,will collect the water. I dropped off my extra 87 seat at my upholstery guy today. Foam alteration is a great way to customize your bike and, in many cases, it can improve comfort. FREE Shipping. Like a older Ktm seat foam is much harder than a Honda foam. We offer a wide variety of closed cell foam seat cushion. Note: this is a seat cover and foam kit only, you will need to use your original seat pan with this kit Honda SL350 K1 seat cover and foam . Select options; Foam Packaging Corner Edging $ 4.99 – $ 6.99 incl. Our seat foam is made from a material that is widely used throughout the aerospace industry due to its closed-cell, light weight and firm density properties. You'd have to seal the seams to make it totally waterproof. by The Yard- White Foam Closed Cell 1/8" High Density Auto Crafts Upholstery 60"W Volara. Thanks for the info and I'll update when I finally get the seat done. guts racing CCT-Foam is the first generation of 100% closed-cell foam that is used for the production of carwash brushes. For an even stronger option for applications such as your sailboat’s cockpit cushions, you will want to use a closed cell or Dry Fast foam. CEET or Hi-Flite used to make a Safety Seat with the padding going all the way up to the gas cap. Then before final assembly of your seats with adhesive, stack them per your schedule (you can tack-glue with a glue gun to keep things from shifting if necessary), and either sit in the plane for a few hours (taildraggers propped to the flight angle) reading a book, or go fly. The typical motorcycle seat can be made in either a single piece or in layers of open-cell, polyurethene foam or closed-cell, polyethelene foam that is molded into the shape of … A variety of tools may be used for shaping open-cell foam. In contrast, the forward backing frame is a more complex shape due to the wingspar that passes below the pilot’s legs. Velcro may be necessary to hold cushions in place on some planes. TRC is now closed as an active forum, it is now a read only archive. T. Fornos "I've had friends that have used these folks - great GREAT results!" I'll see it in person before it's completed. Lightening holes optional. Categories Other Products Tags DIY Seat, Motorcycle Seat, Open-Cell Foam, Rebond Foam, Specialty Foam Email A Friend Bold fields are required. Remember that the notches on the sides indicate the front of the butt plates so position yourself in reference to those. Check with your upholsterer before permanently attaching the pads—some may prefer to adhere the pads themselves later in the process of upholstering. When riding a motorcycle, the key to comfort is having the right amount of support and memory foam/soft foam wont cut it. Human Acceleration Tolerance Limits. The cost-benefit tradeoff of DIY is that, typically, the more of a project you do yourself, the cheaper it will be—but also the longer it will take. Use a serrated bread knife to rough out the shape then smooth it out with a 80 grit 3M disc. Cut your foam oversize and trim when all layers have been final bonded together. A very soft seat with soft foam will provide you with no support. We should point out that flammability and smoke toxicity are also important elements of safe seat design. Thanks man, I saw them on motosport and bto but didn't know they did custom or vintage foams. This will also give the upholsterer a chance to let you know if anything needs to be changed or corrected. I figured I could buy some foam sheets and try it myself but I'd rather have someone who knows what they're doing do it. This foam is commonly used to make custom automobile, motorcycle, and boat seats, as well as for headliner backings and car door panels. Neoprene is the best way to create and shape a custom motorcycle seat. CLICK FOR IMAGES Foam bonding sequence: Urethane bolsters are bonded in first, followed by high-, medium-, and low-density layers of CONFOR foam (white “ears” are simply paper masking the forward frame from spray adhesive). How to top it off. Of the three axes (up-down, left-right, fore-aft), the human body has the lowest survivable tolerance limits for downward G’s (due to spinal compression). Shop with confidence on eBay! but are not typically used in upholstery, so you can ignore these. The final step is to trim the layup (and seat heat pad, if applicable) to the final dimensions. they have tall seat foams/kits In other words, I don’t know how many years they offered this model, but 1987 was one of them. sheet of 14"x14" . £18.26 Heavy Duty Vinyl Seat Covering DIY Quad Motorcycle UTV ATV. Do you have a good automotive upholstery shop locally? 11/19/2016 6:41 PM Sitting Pretty: Outfit Specialty Seating Applications With Durable Rebond Foam Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 When people are able to decide what kind of seat cushioning foam they put in their chairs or couches, they often say that they want the firmest, longest-lasting foam possible. We stock a lot of types of upholstery foam, both backed and unbacked. Use the old seat foam as a pattern for your new foam. $18.98 $ 18. I like my seats to be perfect and that I can't do. In other cases though, you can save a substantial amount of money for a minimum investment in time and materials. I am wanting to do a taller seat for my 87 CR 125 sort of like Johnny O's and Baileys works style seats. Foam seat cushions are perfect for any sporting event. Use a high-quality, lightweight ply such as 3mm 5-ply Finnish birch. Neoprene is the best way to create and shape a custom motorcycle seat. Foam (L to R): Medium-density “rubberized” urethane foam, high-density “tractor” foam, and high-, medium-, and low-density CONFOR foam. I'm going to go by my upholster guy tomorrow. FREE Shipping. The fit and finish on them is top notch and I've had a few fellow corner workers out at SOW comment on the quality of the seat pad, the grip level is quite nice and I believe its closed cell foam so it wont fill up with water and take weeks to dry out should it get wet at some point. So how do we do that? Thanks for the help guys, I'll update once I get it back in a couple weeks. BADASS PADS - Gel/Foam Motorcycle Seat Cushion/Fender Pillion Pad- BLACK- Pre-Owned. Select options; Foam Packaging Edging 1m $ 7.99 – $ 19.99 incl. I also gave him several photos for reference of seats from factory hrc bikes as to what I'm looking for my seat to look like. After experimentation, we have developed a lasting compound that reduces the chunking effect, which can mar the sides of seat pads. 4.4 out of 5 stars 43. In situations where this is not possible, I use an electric carving knife or serrated bread knife. However, based on TR79-22, an aircraft crash survival design guide, and other research, I personally would not feel safe with anything less than two inches. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In that case use a bit of Pliobond or a glue gun to re-adhere the delamination. about $100 making standard replacement foams. Get it by Tomorrow, Jan 6. Wear the appropriate safety gear. In-store Only. Another HUGE benefit of base foam is this is key to allow you to never "bottom out" on your seat. Corners should be rounded and edges radiused to minimize possibility of frame rubbing through upholstery. Brand New. Open-Cell Foam: These foams are typically urethane/polyurethane based, come in varying densities, and some have a distinctly sponge-rubber feel to them. FWIW- I tried to get Guts to do my 1980 YZ250G seat foam in their lightweight foam in my quest to trim as much weight as i could off that bike. I searched google and came up empty. DIY-seats are another great way to combine learning with economizing, and unlike other areas of homebuilding, the raw materials are cheap enough that you can practice making a seat or two without a big investment in time or money. Last year KITPLANES® featured an article by upholsterer and pilot Mike Manning about working with Axel Alvarez to custom design the interior for Alvarez’s RV-4. There is some really lightweight closed cell foam out there. Make a sketch of how you’d like to layer the foam, including any bolsters, lumbar support, etc. Unlike many other closed cell rubber foam and neoprene kayak seats, this micro-cell foam is nonabrasive with a smooth 'velvet-like' feel and feather light weight.This Minicel is also being used as impact padding in race cars (NASCAR), motorcycle seats, excercise mat, cushioning in specialty helmets and as anti-shock protection of electronic equipment in satelites and rockets. But just a little; I did the grunt work of pin-hole filling and prime-and-sand on the fiberglass to keep the paint bill down. He's going to shape a custom seat foam for me like an 80's style works Honda seat and make a custom blue cover for it too. For shaping CONFOR foam, one of the neat things about memory foam is that it becomes increasingly hard with lower temperatures (well, not so neat if you are climbing into a cold plane—it can take a while to warm up and conform to your body if you don’t have seat heaters). more than once. COVID19 Status: Normal Processing Times, Curbside Pickup Available ( Details ) Welcome to, where we offer solutions for all your foam needs! But the tight stitches and thick thread keep most of the water out, and it's important to use closed-cell foam for the seat, which does not absorb water. Have them cut a 2 or 3 inch section out of the middle of your foam and sandwich in a layer of high density foam as a replacement. However, before embarking on this project, do read Manning’s article (“The Owner Assisted Interior,” KITPLANES® June 2013), and find yourself an upholsterer who is willing to collaborate and can give you advice and suggestions regarding your intended design. Aircraft Build TimesI would love to see an article on aircraft build times. Still need to devote a day to carve it out. Ride Fast, Ride Far! This can relieve the pressure at the base of the spine and result in a … Related Articles You should have him send a pic of the rough cut before he surprises you with a finished product that you arent happy with. All rights reserved worldwide. Get it as soon as Wed, Jan 13. Angled backing frames should be reinforced with fiberglass. Customize sea kayaks and whitewater kayaks with this plug-and-play seat. Edited Date/Time: 11/19/2016 6:41 PM. There are various types of foam on the market. GST. In a future article, we’ll cover making a control stick boot, so be sure to tell the upholsterer to save the scraps from your job—those should be sufficient to make a couple of boots. Sailrite ® offers Polyester Fiberfill, Medium Density Polyurethane Antimicrobial Foam, High Density Polyurethane Foam, Dry Fast Open Cell Antimicrobial Foam and Closed Cell (flotation) foam for your next big DIY project. Can be use for commercial applications such as restaurants booths and bar seats or Residential applications such as tractor seats, snowmobile seats … Making a kayak seat from closed cell Minicel foam block (3 : back to page 18: INDEX: back to 18a: 18b. 2. We stock residential and commercial grade upholstery foam, poker rail foam and table pad, sew foam, various padding foams, closed cell foam, and much more. Oldbones Universal Motorcycle Race Foam Seat Pad for Track Use High Density Adhesive edge polishing Foam 20MM Per-cut. Closed-cell foam tends to be tougher and heavier than open-cell foam and is impervious to liquids. Closed-cell foam tends to be tougher and heavier than open-cell foam and is impervious to liquids. The methods outlined in the above article do not necessarily conform to the safety regulations for certified aircraft (we’re Experimental, remember?). I'll give them a try. Awesome! If you don't see it here, call us. The author used 6lb density "rebond" foam with 60+lb firmness ("very firm"). Foam Alteration Guide and Prices for Custom Seat Services / Sargent Cycle Products . Sheet Of 16"x16" on I lowered a few MX seats and made some boat seats from scratch. Firm Economy Foam 26-150 $209.00 incl. High Density Foam Motorcycle Racing Seat Pad for Race Track Universal Fit Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R ZX10R, Suzuki GSX-R600, GSX-R1000, GSX-R750, Yamaha R1, R6, Honda CBR1000RR CBR600RR-3. Rebonded foam, also known as rebond, is an open cell polyurethane foam that is firm but flexible and is made from reclaimed foam & scrap foam. Under certain circumstances, the wrong type of foam (like urethane) can actually increase G-loads on the spine. Best bet is to order up a couple sheets of high density foam from an upholstery shop and layer them together with contact cement until you get the approximate shape. Offers the Super Cell Lower and Narrower custom seat with a stock seat. the idea being to lessen the pressure on sensitive areas and let my hips carry all the weight. Find great deals for 1/2" neoprene closed cell foam. There's no foam at the outside edges or under the front three cells. T. Fornos "I've had friends that have used these folks - great GREAT results!" Could they help? Conventional materials all have “open skin” because blocks of foam material are split into thin strips, which means that closed cells are cut open. • Tractor/Motorcycle Foam: Not an official name but it seems to be used often enough by vendors to describe a rigid, high-density, non-rubbery open-cell foam. Once frozen, the CONFOR foam cuts easily with a knife or saw, and shapes beautifully with a vixen file or 80-grit sanding block. Again, do you have a good upholstery shop close by? Cutting out the middle makes it easy to retain the original shape as you reuse the top and bottom of the foam. i have a corbin seat, and they also use a closed type cell. Learn how your comment data is processed. Likewise with seats, I figured I could take the work to the penultimate step myself, learn some new skills, and then let a professional put on the exterior that I (and my passengers) will actually see. Ref: Crash Survival Design Guide, Technical Report 79-22; 0.10 sec duration of crash pulse, full restraint. Adhesive Foam Seal Tape-2 Rolls, 1 Inch Wide X 1/4 Inch Thick Total 13 Feet Long, Closed Cell Foam Window Seal High Density Wide Insulating Foam Strip Brown … an article by upholsterer and pilot Mike Manning, (“The Owner Assisted Interior,” KITPLANES® June 2013), Oregon Aero Announces Discounted Pricing Through November 15, 2009. Making a kayak seat from closed cell Minicel foam block (3 : back to page 18: INDEX: back to 18a: 18b. Sargent Cycle Products is pleased to offer limited foam alterations to stock and aftermarket motorcycle seats. 1/4" x 24" x 60" Craft Foam Hidense Closed Cell Foam Upholstery Foam for Auto Interior Panels, Crafts, Speakers Home Decor Off White 1Pcs. However, the rigid nature of the material makes it excel- lent for providing structural shape to the seats in the form of bolsters (wedges), lumbar sup- ports, etc. Whether seats are worn out after years of use or don’t offer the right fit, a DIY motorcycle seat made of rebond foam can improve the open-road experience. 20 or 25 mm thick foam is used by removing the seat cover and preparing the existing foam ready to laminate our foam to the seat and. In addition to superior comfort and support, the seat also encourages a slight... $42.00 Performance Back Band. The October edition of Motorcycle Consumer News had an article about DIY seat re-building. Our rebounded foam is a 6lb density which allows for it to be used in many different applications. Now, place the Minicell foam in the kayak or just sit on it on the ground. Unlike stock seat foam, THINK! Medium Density Polyurethane Antimicrobial Foam is the standard foam used in outdoor cushions and boat seats and can be wrapped in silk foam for moisture protection. Upholstery talk. Use an air powered grinder with 3 inch coarse discs to carve out the underside to fit your seat pan and then shape the outside to the profile you want. glue- then install batting fabric. I suggest you go on eBay and find a specific motorcycle seat foam supplier. Get it by Wednesday, Jan 13. Car Manufacturers We’ve Worked With We’ve been supplying foam cut to size for more than 40 years and in this time have provided our services to a large number of car manufacturers. $16.95 $ 16. Give your cheeks a break, call us. We then reshaping the seat. In other words, if we can slow things down, we can reduce the G’s. Location: Gatineau, Quebec, CA. CRITICAL DIMENSIONS: NOSE TO LUMBAR, 13 INCHES… I was going to get some 3m super 77 spray adhesive but I figured I would ask. The kit included the seat foam and cover, so you used the stock seat base. Shop with confidence on eBay! Our seat foam is made from a material that is widely used throughout the aerospace industry due to its closed-cell, light weight and firm density u0003properties. These standard foam blanks (not pre-sculpted) are available in three sizes and thicknesses - a full 1", full 2", or full 4" thick blank - this allows for deeper seat sculpting and provides greater support at the hips which translates to much better boat control than that afforded by a shallower seat. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Motorcycle Seat Foam. 95. 4.7 out of 5 stars 754. Great For Motorcycle Seats. It shapes very well with an air grinder or even hand tools like a drywall or bodywork wrasp. To explain why foam has such a strong effect on survivability, remember that although we often speak of G-force, a G is actually a unit of acceleration, not force. The simple rectangular rear bottom seat cushion backing frame is checked for fit. or Best Offer. Higher tolerable G’s for other axes, as well as the fact that airplanes often continue sliding forward or laterally, but not vertically (the earth is incompressible, after all) once they hit the ground, mean that the down-axis G-load is the driving parameter of safe seat design. I did the search and recommended glue (rubatex glue) was nowhere to be found at home depot, and the clerk did not know what is was. Each one of these foams has its own unique characteristics, so we’re sure you’ll find an appropriate foam here at Sailrite. The kind of foam you want is a lod harder than most shops will carry though you might get lucky if you find a decent stockist - once you know what you're looking for. Base Foam The magic begins when we place a high density base foam on top of our hand crafted seat pans. GST. This foam is made from reclaimed and scrapped foams. WANTED 1960s-70s-80s JAPANESE & BRITISH BIKES. This foam is mostly recommended for sofa seat cushions 5″ thick or thicker. 44. Regular spray adhesives not designed for foam, such as 3M77, are not recommended—they appear to bond at first, but after a few days the foam will delaminate. It shapes very well with an air grinder or even hand tools like a drywall or bodywork wrasp. Suggestions on other kinds of foam that an upholstery shop might have would also be welcome, "5lb rebond" has been met with a "huh?" Occasionally you’ll miss a spot with the spray adhesive and an edge might lift, or corners pull apart. (Illustration courtesy of Tom Wruble). Jun 5, 2019 - SDC Pro Series Performance Gripper seat for 06 & up Dynas. Foam Is Better Than Gel • We have various blends of foams, ranging from extra firm to super soft and forgiving • Allows support even under pressure • Positioned in the middle of the seat so that it sits directly under your hip bones • Firm at first, but when weight is applied, it instantly absorbs all weight or pressure “Lite” seat foam will not absorb water and gain weight from wet riding conditions or washings, has a more firm feel than stock and will reduce the weight of your motorcycle by up to one and a half pounds at … Custom motorcycle seats are particularly popular, as they are able to be cut from larger blocks or glued together from sheets. I remove the whole thing when I'll be doing a lot … Final check before delivery to upholsterer: Seat bottoms and seat backs fit together without interference, cushions are marked for stick cut-out, and seat heat pad location is checked for adequate power unit harness length. Your rear end and back will be put in major distress, and that is an under statement. We stock a great range of upholstery foam at the very best prices you'll find on the market. For an even stronger option for applications such as your sailboat’s cockpit cushions, you will want to use a closed cell or Dry Fast foam. Working with an upholstery expert can save you money and time when designing and installing an interior in an Experimental aircraft. You have entered an incorrect email address! He said he got his foam and the 3M Foam Fast 74 spray glue from 4.1 out of 5 stars 12. In stock. and the Kitplanes logo are protected properties under international copyright law. The fitting of a foam comfort pad to the inside of existing motorcycle seat covers can be done if required. GST. They stand up well to use and look sharp. Once frozen, even pink Confor will slice paper thin. If using a seat heater, be sure to plan out the placement of pads and routing of wires ahead of time. Different foams shape differently—experiment and see what works. In stock. Whether you’re looking to replace the car seat foam in your personal vehicle or hoping to source foam for a new production line of vehicles, we can help. or Best Offer +$8.00 shipping. Select options; Foam Chip Bagged $ 16.99 – $ 49.99 incl. but water will find it's way inside anyway) imho you want an closed cell type-something that you'll probably not find in a fabric store. This helps us design a seating surface with a minimized forward slant. A CAD program can let you easily play with dimensions and thickness as in this picture, but a hand-drawn sketch will work just as well. The seat on my 83 Kx is super soft and way heavier than a seat should be. All of our seat pads are cut from a medium density closed cell foam neoprene. I DIY’d just about everything on my RV-4, but when it came to paint and seats, well, I was willing to splurge a little and farm out some of the work. If you don't see it here, call us. EagleFeather, Aug 3, 2007 #2. But after going through this post, you will easily find out what are open cell foam and what are closed cell foam. Before doing so, I’d suggest taking the untrimmed seats to the upholsterer to see if they want you to add or subtract an allowance for the finished size. fabric store foam is the pits! 4.1 out of 5 stars 237. Cozylkx Upholstery Foam Cushion High Density Seat Foam for Seat Replacement, Upholstery Sheet, Foam Padding, 1" H x 19" W x 75" L, White 4.1 out of 5 stars 237 CDN$ 49.79 CDN$ 49 . This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It comes in a variety of colors, with green, blue and pink being the standard colors used in aviation seats. P & K CLASSIC BIKES - cannock. I had offered to send them a new stock foam to replicate ,but they told me it would take a 6 piece minimum order and run about a $1,000 to do it. These products include mattresses, cushions, seats, sound proofing, pillows, comfort items, and many others. Have them cut a 2 or 3 inch section out of the middle of your foam and sandwich in a layer of high density foam as a replacement. CONFOR foam is available from the usual aviation hardware vendors, although they typically sell relatively small pieces. We designed this seat from the ground up for speed, control, grip & most of all comfort. The seat is built around a molded closed-cell foam "tractor seat" shape, a little... $149.00 Hot Seat Grande. Mattress Foam; Closed Cell Foam; Eco-Friendly Foam; Egg Crate Foam; Memory Foam Note that the adhesive for some seat heat pads is not activated until heat is applied. All of our seat pads are cut from a medium density closed cell foam neoprene. Application of a thin layer of laminating epoxy to the exposed (i.e., opposite the foam) side gives a nice finished look and helps protect against any liquids that might end up spilling under the seat. Warranty Information At Bike Seat Factory, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Simply peel the backing off the Hot Seat and secure it permanently in the cockpit. Cozylkx Upholstery Foam Cushion High Density Seat Foam for Seat Replacement, Upholstery Sheet, Foam Padding, 1" H x 19" W x 75" L, White. Preliminary layout of the foam schedule. Although not necessary, a lightweight frame provides a rigid structure that can make assembling your foam layers a bit easier and provides a backing to which the upholsterer can staple the fabric if the upholstery is to be permanently attached.